PLABEAU G4+ and S1 devices are Clinically tested by Korean Institute of Dermatological Sciences 

use non invasive and painless plasma technology to break down molecules in the air into high speed particles. Instantly delivered to the bottom layer of the skin, provides six clinically tested key benefits for human skin:


1. Absorption enhancement

Plabeau charges skin with cold plasma energy which opens micro-channels and enhances skin hydrophilic ability and absorption up to 41% after 10min of use. This ability allows serums, gels, creams, oils and other skin care products to penetrate in deepest skin layer, offering great skin treat results.


2. Collagen boosting

Plasma promotes fibroblast growth, cell regeneration and therefore regeneration of collagen and elastin. With this benefits, skin improves elasticity and firmness.

Studies show that moisturizing effect lasts for 10 hours after just 10minutes of use and enhances by 58% after 2 week of use.

Skin density enhances by 14.09%.

Skin elasticity enhances by 9.5% after 4 week of use.


3. Wrinkles Reduction

Plasma promotes collagen generation, repairs damaged skin and cells which effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines, thus improves skin texture.

Studies show that fine lines reduces by 11.78% after 6 weeks of use and deeper wrinkles reduces by 11.78%, skin roughness improves by 10.99% after 4 weeks of use.


4. Skin Brightening

Plasma dissolves and restricts melanin production while encourages skin regeneration, thus effectively whiten, improves skin radiance and pigmentation.

Studies show skin tone improvement by 1.59% after 4 week of use.


5. Sterilization and Soothing

Cold plasma kills germs, bacteria, viruses by breaking their cell membranes, thus effectively soothes redness, itching, acne and discomfort. Skin becomes much less sensitive as well.

Studies show that skin itchiness intensity improves by 63%, skin itchiness frequency improves by 69% after 2 weeks of use.

This fact make this device first aid tool for whole family.


6. Deep cleansing.

Plasma pulls out the impurities and secretion blocked in skin pores, thus improve acne, blackheads, whiteheads and leave skin smoother and finer.


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